3 Ways to Streamline Your Commercial Real Estate Search

The Easy Way or the Hard Way…Your Pick

“Easy” is not usually a word business owners associate with searching for a new commercial space, especially if they have not employed the help of a real estate expert and have placed that burden on themselves. Stressful, time consuming, painful? Sure. But easy? Never.

Bespoke is on a mission to change this. We know finding the right space can be simple – cost-effective and stress-free– because it’s what we do every day for our clients. Whether you need room to grow, a more culture-focused space to complement your recruiting efforts, or are looking to cut costs, you can stick with the hard way of searching for real estate on your own…or you can work with Bespoke and make it easy. We provide a full suite of commercial real estate services, saving you time and money when you are planning for your company’s future.

Here are 3 ways our service approach helps you:

Market & Financial Analysis – To ensure our clients find the right real estate fit, we assist them in a true comparison of locations. Since expense components differ from one facility to another, our team performs an in-depth analysis to uncover any hidden expenses that may dramatically impact occupancy costs. Bespoke also provides financial analysis for lease vs. purchase comparisons and lease vs. lease comparisons to ensure we identify every possible scenario so you can make an educated decision.

Occupancy Analysis & Planning – When it comes to finding a new space, we help clients understand and address how real estate can accommodate their current needs, future growth, budget constraints, and desired efficiencies. Our service approach entails working closely with you and our space planning partners to develop concepts at several properties that incorporate your growth estimates and recent trends. This allows you to visualize which space is the most efficient for your goals so you can minimize current and long-term occupancy costs and maximize your profit potential. We believe real estate is a down payment on culture, so we work with you to get it right from the beginning.

Lease Negotiations – Negotiations are critical to business success as poor negotiation can damage a company just as quickly as losing key customers. To get the best deal possible for our clients, we bring patience, expertise, discernment, and discipline to the table and never let the emotion of the transaction influence decisions. We comprehensively study the current market’s “supply and demand” to obtain numerous opportunities and favorable terms for our clients. Additionally, our conflict-free tenant-only focus means that we create custom-tailored solutions that ensure our clients’ interests are always the priority.

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