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The Chicago area warehouse market is hot. To find your fit, you need a partner who is thoroughly versed in Chicago’s industrial real estate landscape – and has the comprehensive resources to get your deal and/or project done. Whether you’re a startup or an industry leader, we can help you find space that best aligns with your business needs and long-term strategy.

The Chicago Industrial Market has experienced record activity and space absorption over the past 3 years, leading to the lowest sustained vacancy ever seen; these market dynamics require far more than a broker. Our team has successfully navigated these complex market conditions, acting as an advisor, consultant, and strategist to go above and beyond for our clients.

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global property and facilities under management


global property and facilities under management


global property and facilities under management

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global property and facilities under management

How We Can Help You

Market and
Financial Analysis

Delivering actionable intelligence to help you make decisions that align with your tailored real estate strategy. more

Lease vs. Buy

Surfacing financial and non-financial factors to help you decide which option is a better long-term fit. more

Lease Negotiation

Utilizing our real estate expertise, entrepreneurial instincts, and well-honed deal making skills to create value for your business. more

Strategic Partnerships

Helping you explore and leverage joint ventures and strategic alliances to fortify your operations and increase competitiveness. more

Post Occupancy

Staying closely involved to ensure that your interests are protected throughout and beyond your occupancy. more

Project Management

Leveraging our time-tested methodology and partner ecosystem to ensure that your project goes smoothly through final delivery. more


Providing expert management of purchases and sales of real estate assets in order to obtain the most favorable outcomes. more

Why Partner
With Bespoke

  • We’re Way Better than a Broker – unlike brokers, we represent you and you only. This frees us to advance and protect your interests without conflict or complexity.
  • We bring comprehensive resources to the table – our suite of services and extensive partner network enable us to solve any real estate challenge.
  • We’re entrepreneurs, not executives – legendary hustle. No excuses. We do whatever it takes to win.
  • Proven deal making skills – our exceptional deal making capabilities enable us to deliver outstanding outcomes and create maximum value for you.
  • Senior leader involvement – No matter which Bespoke Fit Advisor you work with, our co-founders are closely involved in every deal and project.

Featured Fits

In 2019, CIT Trucks partnered with Bespoke to expand their Bensenville parts sales  operations from approximately 10,000 sq ft to around 60,000 sq ft. Subsequently,  discussions commenced regarding further ventures into truck sales and maintenance. Learn more about how we helped them meet their real estate needs.

Atom Banana faced expansion challenges due to supply constraints. Discover how Bespoke’s proactive approach, market insights, and strategic negotiations helped secure a state-of-the-art facility, positioning Atom Banana for continued growth and operational excellence. 

Learn how Bespoke navigated market challenges to secure prime expansion spaces for A-Rent in both Illinois and Texas. With rapid growth demanding strategic decisions, Bespoke’s proactive approach ensured optimal locations, favorable terms, and preserved capital.

See how Bespoke met RAS’s critical timeline for securing a 52,000 SF distribution facility in New Jersey. With tight space constraints and specific requirements, strategic negotiations ensured timely delivery and optimal location, marking a significant milestone in RAS’s expansion.

Discover how Bespoke overcame a landlord-favored market to secure favorable lease terms for Stromberg Allen & Company. Despite market scarcity, strategic negotiation delivered significant savings and ensured seamless operations for this innovative manufacturing company.

After conducting a sale vs. lease analysis, we concluded that due to the increasingly competitive leasing market and skyrocketing rental rates, purchasing was the smart move. We researched the desired area – the O’Hare sub-market – to identify three suitable options.

Prior to our involvement, the client was looking to each prospective landlord to provide cost estimates. We identified this as a strategic weakness and brought in a trusted partner to develop our own cost estimate.

We conducted a sale vs. lease analysis and concluded that leasing was a more advantageous option. Leveraging in-depth local market knowledge, we formed a shortlist of three options along the I-55 corridor.

After a thorough deep-dive into Heidolph’s requirements, we identified six locations, narrowing the list down to two attractive new construction options within a few miles of O’Hare.

To accommodate POSRG’s sustained growth, we identified suitable alternatives and approached POSRG’s property owner to explore a potential sale opportunity.

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