The Full Suite of Competencies
That Power Our Solutions

Bespoke is a full service commercial real estate firm with the expertise, specialized industry knowledge, and business resources necessary to help you maximize your real estate investments and bring your business vision to life.

and Financial Analysis

Ensuring Occupancy
Costs Are in Line

We help you evaluate and compare locations to achieve the right real estate fit. Since expense components differ from one facility to another, we perform an in-depth analysis to uncover any hidden expenses that can dramatically impact occupancy costs. We also conduct lease vs. purchase and lease vs. lease comparisons. By thoroughly reviewing possible solutions, we are able to provide an accurate comparison of all occupancy costs so you can make informed decisions.

Guiding You to the
Right Decision

Advising you on whether to lease or purchase a property is an analysis with many variables. Since each client differs from the personal taxation benefits that owning real estate can provide, we perform a custom financial analysis on the cost of owning real estate vs. the cost of leasing. Additionally, we raise questions that are thought-provoking throughout the hold of an acquisition to ensure that all aspects of ownership vs. leasehold are thoroughly considered.

vs. Buy


Putting Our Renowned
Deal Making Skills to Work

In analyzing real estate transactions and markets, we study supply and demand to get you the most favorable terms. Our strategy in creating a competitive bidding process provides opportunity for tenant-specific leverage, which ultimately places you in an advantageous position. By exclusively representing tenants, we create custom tailored solutions that ensure your interests are always our top priority.

Our Work Doesn't Stop
Once the Transaction Closes

As part of our custom solutions, we remain closely involved with you to provide a smooth transition prior to occupancy. Through our consistent and in-depth participation, all potential issues are resolved by leveraging our relationships with all involved parties. By continually monitoring all post-transaction stages, we facilitate and complete all aspects of the project to the final punch list. During the occupancy phase, we carefully track all critical dates to ensure that you have maximum flexibility throughout the life of the obligation.



Helping Our Clients Form
High-Value Partnerships

We can help you identify gaps in services, capabilities, and your overall business model. By identifying these gaps, you can align with partners to mitigate and correct weaknesses, increase competitiveness, and optimize performance and profitability. While our core focus will always be real estate, we make a point of looking beyond the transaction at hand to understand and add value to the big picture of your business.

Delivering End-to-End Solutions

We evaluate your objectives and assemble a team of experts to assist with all aspects of the project as needed. Our expertise includes space planning, budgeting, architectural/interior design, FF&E procurement, and engineering and construction management services. Working together from the beginning assures that facilities under consideration are in line with clients’ current needs, future growth, realistic budgets, and desired efficiencies.




Helping You Navigate the
Deal Making Process

As experts in the buying and selling of property, Bespoke guides you through the complexities of the deal making process, from developing a strategy and conducting market research to performing due diligence and preparing to close. Our customized approach is focused on creating a successful acquisition or disposition, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Let’s Partner

We’re not just focused on your immediate needs. We’re interested in your long-term strategy – and we can help you leverage real estate to execute that strategy. We want to be your trusted real estate partner and advocate.