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See how we create the best fit for clients across a wide range of space types and industry verticals.

The concise stories illustrate our ability to help our client partners navigate change, attract and retain talent, and accommodate growth while reducing risk and lowering costs. Three common threads holding these stories together are:

Our local
market expertise –

Chicago isn’t just a dot on our coverage map. We live here. Our first-hand knowledge – not just of the city but the sub-markets as well – would be difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce.

Our exceptional
deal making skills –

Deal making is a cornerstone of our work. We provide extensive deal making training to our Fit Advisors and our firm’s senior leaders are closely involved in every deal to ensure the best possible outcomes.

perspective –

We’re focused on making your space a key component of your business development strategy. We accomplish this through providing resourceful problem-solving and skilled negotiation to deliver tailored solutions that are always strategic rather than transactional.

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Featured Fits

After conducting a sale vs. lease analysis, we concluded that due to the increasingly competitive leasing market and skyrocketing rental rates, purchasing was the smart move.

Shift7 wanted to test out a hybrid office model that prioritized more meeting and collaboration space. Because not every team member would be working from the office on a daily basis, it was less important to designate a workstation for each individual. 

Over the course of four years, we evaluated several potential properties in McHenry County. Because the region is rural, it offered fewer viable real estate options than more populated areas.

With our extensive private equity experience and understanding of investment timelines, we provided ConData with a second opinion based on the (then) current market, sublease availability, and future projections.

We quickly found a property in Chicago’s iconic Board of Trade Building (141 W. Jackson) that met Talman’s needs. We brokered the lease for a 16,917 square foot space in the building.

We started by analyzing where the firm’s employees lived, using those zip codes to zero in on three markets. That enabled us to recommend an optimal new location within walking distance of the Metra and set in a dynamic neighborhood among restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Because of the school’s diverse student population, we used mapping analytics to determine that NHA could relocate to an area that provided the best product suited for school use at a price consistent with its daily cap rates.

Paragon Micro occupied 6,000 square feet and was looking to double its space. We identified several buildings as prospects for purchase in a target demographic area. We also procured potential relocation leasing options.

We identified several suitable buildings that had new spec suites or existing spaces with higher-end conditions in place. We focused on near plug-and-play opportunities within blocks of the courthouse. 

We identified several viable geographic sub-markets throughout Chicago. Then we retained an architect to analyze the layout of different properties to illustrate how the space efficiency and overall design aesthetic would match Scion’s requirements. The options we unearthed created a competitive bid process that we could leverage on Scion’s behalf. In the end, the best fit was a Michigan Avenue property offering sophisticated space with flexibility to grow – all at an attractive price.

To accommodate POSRG’s sustained growth, we identified suitable alternatives and approached POSRG’s  property owner to explore a potential sale opportunity.

To reach an agreement, we identified an opportunity to partner with a design build firm, Arco Murray. The budget was sufficient for us to negotiate with the landlord to fully fund the construction and project management. 

We conducted a sale vs. lease analysis and concluded that leasing was a more advantageous option. Leveraging in-depth local market knowledge, we formed a shortlist of three options along the I-55 corridor.

After a thorough deep-dive into Heidolph’s requirements, we identified six locations, narrowing the list down to two attractive new construction options within a few miles of O’Hare. 

Prior to our involvement, the client was looking to each prospective landlord to provide cost estimates. We identified this as a strategic weakness and brought in a trusted partner to develop our own cost estimate. 

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