Fit Story

Shift7 Digital

The Challenge

Shift7 Digital is a digital marketing agency that partners with manufacturers and distributors. The firm has offices in Chicago, New York, Raleigh, and Washington, D.C. Team members in the Chicago office had been working remotely during the pandemic, but a virtual office wasn’t the right fit for a culture-driven marketing team that thrives with in-person collaboration.

The Solution

Shift7 wanted to test out a hybrid office model that prioritized more meeting and collaboration space. Because not every team member would be working from the office on a daily basis, it was less important to designate a workstation for each person. We sought a solution that would get Shift7’s team back to the office as soon as possible, while still providing flexibility for the company’s changing concerns and objectives.

The Outcome

We found a new space that addressed team members’ concerns and created the opportunity for daily team interaction. The ground floor space has its own separate entrance, eliminating the need for employees to take elevators — which are often crowded during high-traffic times of day. We secured several parking spaces at the building, giving team members who don’t want to take public transit the option to drive to work.

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The sublease put Shift 7 in an ideal position to capitalize on a rapidly changing market and reduce office overhead costs by 50%.

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