A Point of Sale Hardware Solution Provider’s Real Estate Search Driven by Rapid Growth

Bespoke’s longstanding relationship with a pre-owned point of sale hardware solution provider consisted of assisting the company through several negotiations and expansions to support their long-term company growth. Point of Sale Remarketing Group (POSRG) has evolved from a small local supplier of used, point of sale equipment into an international powerhouse that provides high-caliber, fully certified, refurbished materials to more than 3,000 organizations in every major vertical global market.

To accommodate the rapid growth model of POSRG, we needed to create a customized real estate solution to help the company achieve business goals. We discussed a potential sale opportunity with POSRG’s property owner after learning the company’s long-term growth goals and the eventual disposition of the property. However, Bespoke leveraged market knowledge and skilled negotiation tactics so that the client could remain in its current location, but would gain additional space in increments over a four-year period. We also negotiated build-out allowances and rental abatement, which allowed POSRG to absorb the expansion costs.

Bespoke’s creative solution allowed POSRG to grow the business at a steady pace, eliminating space availability issues with expansion flexibility and built-in construction allowances. Our custom solution also eliminated the costs associated with relocation as the company continued to experience growth.

By exclusively representing tenants, Bespoke creates custom-tailored solutions that ensure our clients’ interests are the priority. We take pride in becoming a strategic partner who can provide guidance across many different spectrums. We build a multi-dimensional relationship with clients in order to assess and address your real estate problems, providing creative solutions for the future of your company.

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