Bespoke Assists Trial Law Firm to Secure its First Chicago’s Central Business District Office Space

Smith Blake Hill (SBH) LLC, a trial law firm defending healthcare clients, product manufacturers, and companies with complex commercial litigation, retained Bespoke to find its first office space in Chicago’s Central Business District as it was imperative to be located close to the courthouse. The law firm’s ideal location needed to offer flexibility to accommodate the company’s projected rapid growth and necessary professional atmosphere. With real estate serving as a down payment on culture, image directly impacted the company’s ability to recruit and retain top talent, while maintaining a tight budget was essential for the start-up.

Bespoke consulted with SBH to understand current needs and future goals, which included providing strategic counsel to the law firm on how to manage expectations of clients through the transition into a newly-formed business. We were able to secure a property that blended together a high-image office space with the flexibility to grow, right across the street from the courthouse—all at the best price. We also assisted the law firm in securing key vendors and strategic partners while helping to navigate typical startup pitfalls—our multi-dimensional approach allows us to not only focus on being a trusted real estate resource, but in becoming a strategic partner to clients.

Bespoke negotiated a below-market rental rate in an extremely tight marketplace. The deal included a concession package featuring changes to a pre-built spec space, coupled with a seven-month rental abatement package and a $5 per square footage moving allowance. These concessions offset all soft costs including new furniture, fixtures, and equipment from vendors provided through Bespoke’s strategic partnerships.

The new office contained 4,500 square feet of raw expansion space, which was pre-negotiated by Bespoke, for maximum flexibility to accommodate the company’s anticipated growth. In nine short months after the lease was signed, SBH began its expansion and now occupies the entire floor. The space meets current and future demand, while demonstrating how Bespoke thinks like business owners and our experience in operating our own privately held business helps us contribute optimally to our clients’ operations.

Hear from Mark Smith, Founding Partner of SBH

“As a newly-formed law firm, we needed a nimble, pro-active, and aggressive advocate to help us find space in the Chicago Loop. Bespoke stepped up and delivered. They provided comprehensive listings of potential spaces to fit our needs. When it came time to negotiate our lease, followed shortly thereafter by the renegotiation for our expansion, Bespoke led the way, always aware of and guided by who we are and what we needed.”

See below for a full gallery of SBH’s new office space, or click here to read the full case study.

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