Bespoke Executes Creative COVID-19 Cost-Cutting Solution

Shift7 Digital, a digital marketing agency that partners with manufacturers and distributors, needed a new office space that could accommodate future growth, while addressing employees’ health and safety concerns about returning to work. Shift7’s employees had been working remotely during the pandemic, but a virtual office wasn’t the right fit for a marketing team that thrives with in-person collaboration.

The agency’s lease on a Class A tower in the Loop was expiring in November 2020, and the office no longer felt like the right fit. Employees were nervous about working in a busy building, and many were uncomfortable commuting using public transportation.

Company leaders wanted to test out a hybrid office model that prioritized more meeting and collaboration space instead of individual workstations. Bespoke focused on finding a solution that would get Shift7’s team back to the office as soon as possible, while still providing flexibility for the company’s changing concerns and objectives.

Bespoke negotiated excellent terms on a short-term sublease space in the West Loop that reduced overhead costs by 50% and allowed the company to try the hybrid work model with minimal risk. The new ground-floor space also eased employees’ concerns, offering its own separate entrance and several parking spaces.

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