Bespoke Negotiates a 25% Rental Rate Reduction for an Office Upgrade

Bespoke had helped negotiate a successful office deal for MedPro Waste Disposal years ago, then stayed in touch and continued to build a strong relationship with the company. This year, MedPro was ready to move again. They wanted an office with better amenities and building management that would help elevate their image and attract new talent. They also had a strict budget and needed to stay close to their current location.

Bespoke’s team already knew the client’s needs, so when an attractive sublease hit the market, Bespoke didn’t waste any time making an offer and finalizing a deal for the client. Bespoke took advantage of the uncertain market and negotiated a rental rate that is flat for the entire term, with zero escalations, and is 50% less than a direct deal with the building.

MedPro moved to an upgraded office in a Class A building with more space, while achieving a 25% reduction from their current rental rate. The new office was fully furnished with high-end amenities.