Five Ways Bespoke is Different

Since Bespoke means custom-made, it’s no surprise that we approach commercial real estate differently than the traditional brokerage firms. From serving a niche market to our unique service methodology, we have identified five defining principles we want clients to know that set us apart:

  1. Our goal is to help your business thrive.
    Bespoke works with the traditionally underserved market of Chicago-based privately held businesses and non-profit organizations that want more than transactional support. Our deep business and real estate expertise, quality service, and long-term relationships bring value to each customer’s business.
  2. We provide short- and long-term value beyond what you and your internal team could realize on your own.
    Our services save time for business owners so you can focus on driving revenue and running your business. We create and negotiate solutions that optimally meet your top and bottom line goals today and can evolve for your future needs.
  3. Bespoke never represents landlords.
    Since Bespoke does not own, manage, or lease real estate assets, we bring a level of transparency and objectivity few firms can match. We eliminate conflict to deliver solutions that meet all your business needs at the right price.
  4. Bespoke executive leaders are involved in every deal – always.
    With more than 50 years of combined expertise working in the Chicagoland commercial real estate industry, Bespoke’s executive team serves as Chief Real Estate Officers focused on making your space a key component of your business development strategy. Our principals have developed a strong network of business leaders and battle-tested advisors to ensure we consistently deliver customized and cost-effective real estate solutions to customers.
  5. At Bespoke there is no such thing as post-deal.
    Bespoke serves as a trusted strategic business advocate and resource for clients long after the lease has been signed. As a long-term partner who continues to think and act on your behalf, we’re continuously making useful connections, raising timely questions and opportunities, and helping you achieve business goals.

Interested in seeing how the five ways we are different can make a positive impact on your real estate strategy? Request a custom space fitting today.

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