For Talman Consultants, When Speed Mattered Bespoke Delivered

Talman Consultants is an engineering consulting firm in Chicago specializing in underground utility infrastructure management. Since its establishment in 2016, Talman has tripled in size, outgrowing its original location in a coworking space.

The firm needed a larger and more productive space for its team, but it had difficulty projecting how much more growth it would experience in the future. Bespoke brought in strategic partner Box Studios to assist with current and future space programming for Talman.  Additionally, due to Talman’s specific culture, it was critical to identify existing, cutting edge spaces that would allow them to fulfill their needs, while not having to commit to a long-term deal, which is not suitable for a new business.

Working within a tight 60-day timeline, Bespoke found the ideal property to meet Talman’s short- and long-term goals. Bespoke brokered the lease for a 16,917 square-foot space in the iconic Chicago Board of Trade Building at 141 W. Jackson Boulevard.

The new space is move-in ready and optimized for productivity. It also offers the option of adding 12,000 square feet of space when the firm is ready to expand. The building is less than a half-mile from City Hall, a big selling point for the firm since its team must regularly meet with city officials.

The property features attractive amenities for employees, such as a gym, a rooftop, multiple food service options, banking, and dry cleaning services.

“Our new offices will allow us to leverage technology and collaborate in new ways,” said Managing Partner Katherine Latham. “It also provides a terrific foundation as we continue to scale our operations to handle additional work and expand into new markets.”

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