Plan a Commercial Real Estate Space to Meet Current & Future Needs

Your commercial real estate space is an investment in your company’s success. It is a critical component in attracting talent and clientele, achieving business goals and fostering growth. An expertly planned space not only fits your current requirements, but it also anticipates your future needs and adapts to meet them seamlessly.

“At Bespoke, we use a strategic methodology for space planning,” said Co-Founder and Managing Principal Peter Billmeyer. “We partner with private businesses and non-profit organizations in Chicago, and we develop a customized solution for every client. We make sure to understand how each company operates day-to-day, as well as what its long-term objectives are.”

Our Tailored Approach to Space Planning

In-Depth Analysis

Bespoke’s first priority is getting to know your business inside and out. We conduct a detailed evaluation to identify current challenges and anticipated changes in an effort to future-proof your workspace. Have you outgrown your current location? Do you need to downsize or reconfigure an inefficient space? Do you want to remodel or refurnish on a limited budget? Are you adjusting your workspace to build a better company culture? How will your space need to change over the next few years?

Expert Management

Based on your company’s goals, Bespoke selects a team of industry experts to manage every facet of the project—from budgeting, architectural and interior design, and FF&E procurement to engineering and construction management services. We work closely with your company to plan a space that will fit the way you work today – and several years down the road.

Cost-Effective Services

Bespoke focuses on all of the project details, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on your business. Our team prides itself on cultivating strong industry relationships, saving you time and money while providing high-quality services.

“We use our deep expertise to act on behalf of our clients’ best interests,” said Co-Founder and Managing Principal Victor Sanmiguel. “Our ultimate goal is to help your business grow and thrive.”

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