The Hybrid Office: A New Trend in Commercial Real Estate

Bespoke CRE’s office space is a hybrid between collaborative work stations with lounge areas and bright private offices that serve as focus spaces when privacy is needed. At the time when we were building out our new office, an open layout concept was still the trend. We took a close look at what we thought would work best for our business—exactly how we encourage our clients to think—and realized that a hybrid office would be ideal for us as we grew our team. It was important that we created a balance between open and enclosed spaces to ensure employees have different areas to match specific tasks performed throughout the day and the autonomy to move between them.

Bespoke is not alone; during the last few years, business owners have uncovered numerous cons to the once revered open office layout. Although the design was meant to originally improve collaboration, it also brought about other issues including increased stress on employees who struggle to focus and high demand on support spaces, especially conference rooms.

In a recent Bisnow article, Tech Firms Seeking Alternatives to Open Offices, Pinterest head of workplace Jen Nguyen addresses how tech firms are finding alternative options, while not completely doing away with open floor plans. These options include open lounge seating, library and café settings.

The key is to create floor plans that are open, but also offer more of an enclosed space. Be prepared for collaboration among team members by providing a space where people working on a similar task can come together. Co-working and flexible office spaces are popular choices for fast-growing businesses.

“At Bespoke, we strongly believe that real estate is a down payment on culture. Whether you’re embracing the trends of today, we assist clients in finding the perfect fit for current and future needs,” said Managing Principal Peter Billmeyer. “Because real estate plays an important role in attracting and retaining top talent, it is crucial that business owners find a space that strikes the right balance for employees. Our team provides resourceful problem solving and skilled negotiation tactics to deliver customized real estate solutions that address the needs of every client.”

See photos of Bespoke’s hybrid office below.

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