Top 4 Ways to Turn Your Space into a Strategic Business Asset

At Bespoke, we advocate solely for the success of our clients’ businesses. Leveraging deep market knowledge and experience, we find, negotiate, finalize and extend cost-effective, custom-made real estate solutions. Our strategies fit our clients’ needs today and will adapt with them for the future—creating value for Chicago-based private businesses and non-profit organizations.

As your trusted business advocate, we evaluate various factors to ensure we transform your real estate into a strategic asset:

  1. Culture.
    We strongly believe that real estate is a down payment on culture; it shapes the perceptions that all team members and customers have of your organization. Bespoke works closely with you to make sure your workplace conveys the right image about your business, encouraging a culture that improves recruiting and retention of clients and employees.
  2. Flexibility.
    Choosing a flexible space is crucial as business objectives and trends often change. In 2017, activity-based spaces continue to gain momentum in modern offices. This approach leaves more room for mobility and flexibility, which bolsters employee satisfaction. Bespoke utilizes our extensive network and market knowledge to find an adaptable solution that addresses your business goals for today, but can also transform with the trends of tomorrow.
  3. Technology.
    Because more and more organizations are dependent on technology, the proper building and space must include the infrastructure necessary to support new platforms. We understand your business and make sure your space can seamlessly accommodate the latest advances in technology. Wireless internet is now the norm as well as wireless charging devices and data storage. Owners are reducing clutter for tenants and providing charging surfaces or plates throughout the office so employees can charge laptops, tablets and smartphones, without the need for excessive cords.
  4. Profitability.
    With real estate being one of the largest operating expenses for most organizations, reducing occupancy costs can have a significant impact on the bottom line. We perform extensive financial analysis and employ effective negotiation tactics to maximize your profit potential. By analyzing several possible solutions, we provide clients with an accurate comparison of all occupancy costs so you can make an educated decision.

    Schedule a custom space fitting today to learn how we can turn your space into a strategic business asset.

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