Make Your Commercial Real Estate Space a Down Payment on Culture

The ideal space speaks to the history and personality of your brand

Every company has a story to tell – a unique history, vision, and set of values that set it apart from the crowd. Commercial real estate offers the opportunity to communicate this story clearly as an ideal space can convey the ethos of a company’s brand and resonate with both employees and clients. Here are a few pointers to help prioritize real estate as a down payment on culture.

It’s an investment, not an expense.

When searching for commercial real estate, it is easy to become fixated only on the costs, without considering the benefits. To help you look beyond the initial expenses, focus on what you want the space to say to your employees and what they need to be productive.

Ask questions to learn what type of office plan will help boost employee engagement and satisfaction. Some questions to consider: How does the team interact? Would they benefit from open workstations vs private offices or a combination of both? Do you need conference rooms for structured meetings and break-out rooms for brainstorming sessions? This is where your team will spend 40+ hours a week—it is important to invest in a space so it can become an office with life and personality where employees can do their best work and build a strong sense of camaraderie.

Avoid the “one-size-fits-all” myth.

The hunt for the perfect real estate fit requires a significant amount of time and diligence. Since Bespoke believes there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for every company, we work with business owners to not only secure spaces with the right image, location, and amenities, but also help them understand how their offices can contribute optimally to business operations.

For example, we assisted Humphreys & Partners Architects (HPA) in finding a Chicago office that aligned with their internal culture and strategic goals. By digging into how the company operates, we helped HPA made a smart investment in its long-term success by choosing a property that promotes business development and nurtures company culture.

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